Squiggly figures

I promise we’ll get to some landscape soon.

These are from an occasional series of “squiggly figures,” for want of a better term, which for some reason obsess me when I’m doodling on a pad or whatever.  So inevitably, idle doodles become paintings.  The first one is a simple exercise: a single figure on a background with a gradual corresponding shift in value in both across the picture plane (an opposing shift in value would put the light end of the figure against the dark end of the background, and give us a very different feeling of space and light).

The second example has two figures superimposed on one another, one in red and the other in yellow, which then show orange where they overlap, all against a black background, and outlined in thick borders of contrasting color just to make it more interesting.  In this case, I was experimenting with a medium that involves mixing sun thickened linseed oil with marble dust to make a putty-like substance which is then mixed with paint – it’s relatively transparent, and the paint was actually built up in layers.  Has a bit more of a feeling of depth to it than you might see in reproduction here.

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