Painted Shell

This piece came about as something of a happy accident. I had finished up painting an oil on panel and was putting my gear away.  I had a fair amount of paint left over, so I scraped it all together – it ended up as a sort of purple gray color – and for want of anything better to do with it, I spread it over the surface of this shell.  Then, on impulse, I covered the wet paint with sand and left the shell up on the dunes to dry.

A couple of days later when I was back on the beach painting, I found the shell, dusted off the excess sand, and painted the seascape you see here – some of the underlying purple still shows in the foreground and in the sky.  I like the texture of the sanded paint, I might have to experiment some more with that, using cleaner sand.

Edisto Seascape, oil on shell, aproximately 4″ x 8″, 2011

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